Chickpea Varieties for the Northern Mallee, Pinnaroo

Trial Methodology

The trial was sown on the 15th of May.  Each variety was sown at the seeding rates specified in the table below.  The trial was sown with a tyned seeder fitted with paired row Root Boot.  Granulock Z was supplied as starter fertliser at 50 kg/ha.  All varieties were inoculated with a group N Tagteam Granular.  Simazine (200 g/ha), Diuron (200 g/ha) and Balance (80 g/ha) were applied as pre-emergent herbicides and were incorporated before sowing (IBS). 

Pinnaroo Chickpea Trial Results
Desi Chickpea types PBA Striker and PBA Slasher were the highest yielding varieties with grain yields of 2.8 t/ha
Both varieties were higher yielding than the large Kabuli chickpea varieties Kalkee and PBA Monarch
The striker also had a significantly higher grain yield than PBA Magnus but did not differ significantly from the other varieties

This virtual field day has been developed as part of the Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF) project:
“Facilitating enhanced knowledge sharing of Mallee sustainable farming practices”
This project is supported by the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA), through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

The research featured in this virtual field day was completed as part of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) funded project:
• Understanding the implications of new traits on the adaption, crop physiology and management of pulses in the southern region (DAV00150)
This trial was managed by Frontier Farming Systems and Agricultural Victoria