Understanding soil compaction in the Mallee


In this episode we unpack compaction! If you’re considering deep ripping paddocks this year do you know where to test or where to start and stop the ripping operations?

We’ve asked the experts, Research Scientists Therese McBeath and Rodrigo de Silva, the following questions:

  • Where do we measure compaction in the paddock and what tools do we need? 
  • How deep do we need to rip to break up compaction?
  • What is the difference between compacted, cemented and hard setting soil and what does this mean for ripping operations?
  • Is Controlled Traffic Farming an alternative or complimentary option to deep ripping? 
  • Fertiliser is expensive, how much do we need to feed ripped areas this year? 

A penetrometer is a great tool to have on farm if you are planning on deep ripping. For a small investment you can monitor the compaction in your paddocks and monitor the success and longevity of your ripping operations. 

A simple to use penetrometer can be purchased online at https://bit.ly/3GseNMf