SAGIT Deep Ripping Trial Tour Woodleigh

Deep ripping to enhance production on Mallee sandy soils.

Mallee Sustainable Farming with funding from the South Australian Grain industry trust (or SAGIT) are investigating methods to improve the deep ripping process conducted by Frontier Farming Systems

2020 Virtual Tour at Woodleigh, South Australia.


Depth 30cm. Tyne Spacing 0.5m

Depth 30cm. Tyne Spacing 0.75m

Depth 30cm. Tyne Spacing 1m

Depth 45cm. Tyne Spacing 0.5m

Depth 45cm. Tyne Spacing 0.75m

Depth 45cm. Tyne Spacing 1m

Depth 45cm + Wings. Tyne Spacing 0.5m

Depth 45cm + Wings. Tyne Spacing 0.75m

Depth 45cm. Tyne Spacing 1m

Depth 60cm. Tyne Spacing 0.5m

Depth 60cm. Tyne Spacing 0.75m

Depth 60cm. Tyne Spacing 1m


This virtual field day was captured on the 11th of October 2019.

The trial comprised of five treatments to evaluate deep ripping and organic matter (OM) addition on crop productivity on a deep sand:

  • control (undisturbed)
  • deep ripping (50cm) with rigid shank
  • deep ripping (50cm) with inclusion plate operating 150mm below soil surface
  • deep ripping (50cm) with inclusion plate plus OM surface applied
  • deep ripping (50cm) with OM deep placed behind the ripping shank.

All deep ripping treatments were implemented to a depth of 50cm with a tine spacing of 56cm. The OM used was a chicken litter compost blend, applied at 5t/ha (


The trial was sown to Compass Barley on 22 May 2019.  The crop was sown with 62.5 kg/ha starter fertiliser (DAP S Z) + 65 kg/ha urea.  It was later top-dressed with 50 kg/ha of ammonium sulphate with zinc, manganese and copper applied as a foliar spray during tillering.  The trial was harvested on 13 November 2019.

Management of Early Sown Wheat

This virtual tour was captured on 19th of July 2019. Take note of the developmental differences between early sown spring and winter type varieties at this time. E.g. a good comparison is Scepter (fast spring) and Longsword (fast winter) sown from TOS 1-3.

Break Crops Research Trial

The research trial featured in this virtual field day – Break crops for low rainfall environments – was funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI). This trial was implemented by Frontier Farming Systems.

Mallee Seep Demonstration Site

A virtual tour of a Mallee dune seepage site near Speed in the Victorian Mallee.

Follow the icons to navigate and take a tour from the top of the dune to the seepage site.

Click on points of interest to see further details on site soils and the water table.